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Sunday 25 March 2018

If you want to buy mud crab Singapore, then you need to find a trusted supplier that able to give you product with high quality and best price for the value. The mud crab product itself is very popular product since there are high demands for this product in international market. That is why; there are a lot of countries that willing to export this product from Singapore to various countries in the world especially in Asia as well as Africa region. To fulfill the demands there are a lot of supplier from Singapore that tries to farm the mud crab. Of course, they also want to gain better profit as the product can be export to foreign country, thus the suppliers are able to gain income in foreign currencies.

How to Buy Mud Crab Singapore?
The best thing about this farming business is that the suppliers do not need to spend huge cost for their production. Instead their cost especially for the labor is pretty cheap which means they are able to gain more profit from their sales. Do not worry too much if you want to buy mud crab Singapore since this product has quite steady supply as the mud crab can grow very fast. Thus you would be able to purchase the product anytime since a lot of suppliers surely have this product when you need them. Moreover, since the supplier are able to gain more profit by farming the crab instead of farming the shrimp when they do the management correctly, means that there would be more suppliers that able to provide you with that product. Furthermore, you might even able to find some smaller scale supplier to give you the product that you want. If you purchase the product from smaller scale supplier then their product might have better quality since the mud crab is actually easier to manage if they do the farming in smaller scale.
But before you buy mud crab Singapore, there is other information that you need to know such as the species of the product that you will purchase from the supplier. This is important as there are various species from Scylla genus that the supplier can offer you. However, for the most popular species that people usually buy from the supplier is the green species crab as well as red claw species crab. Before you buy one or both of those species, then you need to know the difference between the two. If you buy the green species, then you would get crab that has carapace width up to 22 centimeters and their weight can be up until 2 kilogram. But if you buy the red claw species, then you would get crab that has carapace width up to 12.7 centimeters and their weight can be up until 1.2 kilogram. Not to worry as the supplier usually provide their product with suitable commercial sizing. Thus you can get any species that you want which are more suitable for your business.
Then again, you should be sure to buy mud crab Singapore from trusted supplier so they would be able to give you the best product. If you want to know, usually a trusted supplier will make their product through several farming method that already proven to be good. By using these farming methods, then the product that you will received will also be good enough, thus you can trust the supplier better. If you want to know then you should get more information about these farming methods that the supplier do when they create their product. Actually the two most common farming methods that already proven to be good are the growing farm method and the fattening farm method. Those farming methods are a little bit different from one another, thus you might want to know more detail about them here.
When you buy mud crab Singapore from supplier that use the growing farm method, then actually the supplier will be using younger crab as the stock inside their farm. Then inside their farm that crab will be growing out so they will become adult after some time passes. Usually the time needed for the crab to be growing until they have the right commercial sizing it around five until six months timeline. Then once they are ready the supplier will start to market their product and you can buy the product from them.
But when you buy the mud crab from the supplier that is using fattening farm method, and then the supplier is actually using crab which still has their soft shell as the stock inside their farm. Then inside their farm, that crab will be fattening so their soft shell will grow and turn into hard shell after some time passes. Actually this farm method has faster timeline compared to the previous farm method. Thus the supplier will be able to do around eight until maximum twelve cycle of farming method when they use it. This means the supply that you will receive from the supplier will be steadier since their production timeline is shorter.
Then again if you buy mud crab Singapore that already have hard shell, and then you need to pay the supplier with higher value. This is reasonable as the mud crab that already has hard shell will be priced around four until five times higher compared to the mud crab that still has their soft shell. Then again most people will choose to buy mud crab that already has their hard shell, thus you would be lucky if you can buy them from the supplier.
As you can see, there are various things that you need to consider before you decide to buy any product from your supplier. You might also want to decide the commercial sizing that you want to get from your supplier before you even decide to purchase it. Then you need to decide whether you want to buy mud crab Singapore that already has their hard shell or to buy mud crab that still has their soft shell since they have different value.

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Making sushi can use real and true crab meat but there is also imitation crab meat that more popular being used to make sushi roll. This crab meat sushi is apparently more economical than real crab meat. Crab meat can be used in many types of sushi recipe with the simplest one is sushi roll. You can even try to make sushi roll stuffed with crab meat at home. The taste of the crab meat and the delicate texture makes the sushi more appealing. You can even mix the crab meat with other ingredients to make certain unique sushi roll such as with mayonnaise or mascarpone.
Crab meat sushi with imitation crab meat
Yes, it is true that we can always have an option to use real crab meat to make crab meat sushi instead of the imitation one. However, imitation crab meat is cheaper alternative to the real crab meat when making sushi. This is why many people often choose imitation crab meat to make sushi roll instead of the real meat of crab.
What is imitation crab meat sushi actually? Just like the name implies, this is not the real crab meat and just ‘imitation’ or you can also calling it as fake crab meat. The red and white crab stick in appearance often known as imitation crab meat made from different kinds of fish with the meat almost looked like real crab meat. They are crushed and grounded/ blended together into paste and then made into crab meat stick. After that the manufacturers add some additional seasonings, artificial flavor, or MSG to add crab flavor in the said meat.
In Japan, the crab stick is called ‘surimi’ which means ground meat and just like we already explained before, surimi is made from grounded fish meat with artificial crab flavor. The manufacturers are also like to add starch and since it is often made from the wheat then you can definitely say they are not free from gluten. Please pay attention for such note when you cannot tolerate gluten but you want to eat cheap crab meat sushi with crab stick. The real crab meat on the other hand is gluten free and thus you may want to eat that instead. Moreover, the nutrition of the real crab meat cannot be compared with the imitation one.
Real crab meat sushi vs imitation crab meat sushi nutrition facts
Let’s find out how much the crab meat sushi nutrition values between the read and imitation/ fake crab meat below:
1.      Imitation crab meat
-          715 mg of sodium
-          81 calories
-          6 g of protein
-          5 g of sugar
-          13 g of carbohydrates
-          0.4 g of fats
-          77 mg of potassium
2.      Real crab meat
-          911 mg of sodium
-          82 calories
-          16 g of protein
-          0 g of sugar
-          0 g of carbohydrates
-          1.3 g of fats
-          223 mg of potassium
As you can see on the comparison above, the protein and potassium of the real crab meat sushi is more than double of the imitation crab. So, why there are so many manufacturers still making imitation crab and many people use this to make certain sushi dish? It is because they are cheaper in terms of price and not to mention they are also can be shaped into anything to make the dish appear more appealing.
Okay actually there is nothing wrong by eating sushi crab with imitation meat since it less costly than the real crab meat. However, if you really care about the nutritional benefits of the crab meat then you may still want to pick true crab meat instead of the fake one. With said information, so which one is good to be used to make sushi, the real or imitation meat?
Well, it is depend on your preference and just like we already mentioned before, if you want to taste for some good and healthy nutrition crab meat with more delicious and incredible taste then always go with the real crab meat. However, if you just want to create simple cheaper sushi dish that looks appealing without too much cost then you can select imitation crab meat.
Crab meat sushi roll recipe
If you want to make easy and simple crab meat sushi recipe then you can try to cook them based on this recipe below:
1.      Prepare the ingredients:
·         1 tsp of mayonnaise
·         1 tsp of mascarpone
·         3 imitation crab sticks
·         Seasoning ingredient
2.      Prepare the utensils needed:
·         Mixing bowl
·         Teaspoon
·         Cutting board
·         Fork
·         Knife
3.      Instructions:
-          First you need to cut and chopping out the imitation crab sticks so they are enough to make two to three crab sushi roll.
-          After you are done chopping the imitation crab sticks into pieces and then mix them with a teaspoon of mascarpone, mayonnaise, and season them all. You can use Knorr Aromat seasoning mix. Use the fork to mix all the ingredients until they are blended perfectly, however you do not need to mash them just mix them gently.
-          Start to make your own sushi roll by use the mixed ingredients in the sushi roll. You need to use bamboo rolling mat to make sushi roll and cooked rice.
-          Just place the mixed ingredients on top of the cooked rice, do not forget on the bottom of the rice, place nori sheet. After you spread the crab ingredient on the rice you can start to roll them carefully.
-          Cut the sushi into several roll and they are ready to be served.
When you want to make sushi roll, do not forget to slightly wet your hand so the rice does not sticking on your hands. You can mix the crab meat sushi with other delicious ingredients such as avocado slices as well as other tasty vegetables according to your taste. Lastly, you can serve the sushi roll with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger to add more delicious flavor and eat the crab meat sushi.

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The pasteurized crab meat recipes are very easy to make since the meat is ready to eat thus you can cook the dish in no time with different ingredients. Furthermore the crab meat itself is very versatile type of meat, thus you can create various dishes that are very easy to create. If you are able to find this product, then you might be interested in trying these simple and easy to make recipes that we have gathered here with the cooking directions.

Mushroom Stuffed with Pasteurized Crab Meat Recipes
-          Pasteurized crab meat 1 can
-          Cream cheese 1 pack
-          Garlic 1 clove
-          Fresh mushroom 15 large pieces
-          Lemon pepper 2 tbsp
-          Salt 1 tsp
-          Lemon juice ¼ cup
-          Mozzarella cheese ¾ cup
-          Butter 4 tbsp
Pasteurized crab meat recipes cooking directions:
1.      Take the mushroom then cut off the steam from the caps.
2.      Chopped the mushroom steam and set it aside.
3.      Take the butter then brush each of the mushroom caps with the butter.
4.      Take a pan then melt ½ tbsp of butter.
5.      Add inside the garlic then fry it until fragrant.
6.      Add inside the mushroom steams, lemon juice, and 1.5 tbsp of the lemon pepper. Saut√© those until the mushroom are soft.
7.      Put inside the cream cheese, the rest of the lemon pepper as well as the pasteurized crab meat. Stir to mix all of the filling ingredients.
8.      Take the mushroom caps then put the filling on top of each cap.
9.      Cover the top of each filling using mozzarella cheese.
10.  Arrange the mushroom caps on a baking sheet.
11.  Bake the mushroom using 375 degree Fahrenheit setting so the cheese will melt.
12.  Take out the mushroom from the oven then let it cool down before serving.
Asian Cocktail Pasteurized Crab Meat Recipes
-          Cilantro stems fresh ½ cup, chopped coarsely.
-          Rice noodles, cooked as necessary
-          Pasteurized crab meat 3 lbs
-          Fresh ginger peeled, chopped finely, 2 tbsp.
-          Soy sauce fermented ½ cup
-          Sugar ¼ cup
-          Water ¼ cup
-          Black vinegar Chinese 3 tbsp
-          Salt ¼ tsp
Pasteurized crab meat recipes cooking directions:
1.      Take a steamer and fill it with the water then bring it to boil.
2.      Put inside the cilantro steam into the boiling water.
3.      Put the pasteurized crab meat into the steamer and steam it lightly so it will absorbed the flavor from the cilantro.
4.      Take out the crab from the heat put it on a serving plate then set it aside.
5.      Take a small bowl then put inside the soy sauce, sugar, ginger, vinegar, salt as well as the cilantro steam water.
6.      Stir all of the ingredients until the salt as well as the sugar will dissolve well into the water.
7.      Put the sauce into a small bowl.
8.      Serve the crab meat while still hot with the sauce and rice noodles.
Cakes Pasteurized Crab Meat Recipes
-          White bread 4 slices
-          Milk 1 cup
-          Pasteurized crab meat 2 pounds
-          Mayonnaise 2 tbsp
-          Mustard 2 tsp
-          Seafood seasoning 2 tsp
-          Baking powder 2 tsp
-          Parsley chopped 2 tsp
-          Worcestershire sauce ½ tsp
-          Lemon 1 piece take the juice
-          Pepper
-          Salt
-          Eggs 2 pieces beaten
Pasteurized crab meat recipes cooking directions:
1.      Take a bowl then arrange the white bread inside.
2.      Pour in the milk on top of the white bread then let it soak for around 15 minutes.
3.      Take out the white bread then squeeze all of the liquid out.
4.      Put the white bread into a large size bowl.
5.      Take a fork then break the white bread apart until it becomes crumbs.
6.      Add inside the pasteurized crab meat, mustard, mayonnaise, baking powder, seafood seasoning, as well as parsley. Stir all of the ingredients until all of them are mixed.
7.      Add inside the lemon juice, pepper as well as the salt. Stir all of the ingredients until all of them are mixed.
8.      Add inside the eggs that already been beaten then stir all of the ingredients until all of them are mixed.
9.      Cover the bowl using aluminum foil then put it inside the refrigerator for around 4 hours.
10.  Take out the pasteurized crab meat cake mixture from the refrigerator then divide them into 16 small patties with half inch thickness.
11.  Fry the patties using brisk heat for around 2 minutes so the color will turn into gold brown.
12.  Broil the patties for around six until eight minutes long.
13.  Served immediately.
Vegetable Soup with Pasteurized Crab Meat Recipes
-          Cold water 4 cups
-          Carrots diced 1 cup
-          Onion chopped 1 cup
-          Celery chopped ¾ cup
-          Butter ¼ cup
-          Seafood seasoning 1 tbsp
-          Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp
-          Potatoes diced 1.5 cups
-          Tomatoes canned 1 pound, chopped
-          Parsley 2 tbsp
-          Pasteurized crab meat 1 pound
Pasteurized crab meat recipes cooking directions:
1.      Take a frying pan then melt inside the butter.
2.      Add the onion, celery as well as the carrots then saut√© them until fragrant.
3.      Add inside the seafood seasoning then stir to mix them all.
4.      Add inside the potatoes, Worcestershire sauce, tomatoes, and parsleys.
5.      Pour inside the water then bring all of the ingredients to boil.
6.      Turn down the stove heat setting then shimmer the ingredients for around 1.5 hours.
7.      Add the pasteurized crab meat and stir to mix the ingredients then shimmer it again for another 30 minutes.
8.      Take off from heat then served immediately.
Those are several recipes that are easy to create so you can make it yourself at home in no time. As the pasteurized crab meat is actually ready to eat, then the cooking process itself takes no time to finish. Thus you do not need to doubt it and try to make the pasteurized crab meat recipes right away.

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Back fin crab meat consists of loose and separated meat taken from combination of special crab meat grades and jumbo lump crab meat. It has broken pieces of the lump meat plus smaller pieces of white body meat which very ideal for any kinds of recipes just like any other crab meats. The flavor of back fin is mildly sweet with fine texture. It is very recommended that you use back fin meat for recipes such as soups, dips, and crab cakes. Moreover, you can also use back fin meat as stuffing crabs in seafood or vegetables.
Reasons to choose Back fin crab meat
Back fin is crab meat that consists of smaller pieces of jumbo lump crab meat mixed with special grades crab meat taken from the white body meat. Back fin crab meat preferred by many people because of these several reasons:
-          Back fin is cheaper than a whole crab meat as well as other crab meat grades like colossal and jumbo lump crab meat. It is recommended alternative for cheap crab meat seafood.
-          Back fin crab is great to make crab cakes, soup recipes, and dips. You can also use the back fin meat to stuff vegetables or seafood.
-          There is back fin crab ready to be eaten for simple and quick dish when you do not have time to prepare a whole or fresh crab meat at the kitchen.
-          Back fin is good crab meat when you want to make a dish that focusing on the appealing appearance because this dish have nice texture with white color that will look good on many recipes.
-          Back crab fin is easy to be found unlike whole fresh and alive crabs. You can likely found it at most of supermarkets in whole world.
If you want to buy cheap back fin crab meat which ready to be used or cooked, then you can find it from some at the crab meat dealers.
Back fin crab meat varieties of product
There are 3 varieties of back fin meat crab products sold in the market such as:
1.      Fresh back fin crab meats: This kind of crab meat packed in air vacuum plastic bag and unlike pasteurized crab meat, they are not ready to be consumed. After that fresh and alive crabs caught and delivered to the facilities, they are selected based on grades. After that the staff will take the back fin meat and boil or steam them. Fresh back fin is not ready to be consumed directly meaning that you still need to cook them. Fresh back fin is way more expensive in price when compared with frozen and canned back fin meat crab.
2.      Frozen back fin crab meats: Another variety of product is the frozen back fin crab meat which sold in air vacuum plastic bag or cans. They are stored in freezer and ready to be used anytime since they have longer shelf life than the fresh one. The crab meat after being cleaned and cuts are speed frozen in the freezer. The frozen crab meat is unpasteurized but it has longer shelf life than fresh back fin. Unopened frozen back fin can stay for more than 3 months when stored inside freezer or refrigerator.
3.      Pasteurized back fin crab meat: Pasteurized crab meat product packed inside cans, plastic wrap/ bag, and glass jar. Thanks to the pasteurization process, the crab meat is 100 percent free from harmful bacteria and toxins which can make the crab meat spoil or rotten quickly. In unopened condition, the pasteurized crab meat back fin has longer shelf life than fresh and frozen unpasteurized back fin crab meat. It can last for 6 to 12 months unopened. But, once you open the cans or plastic bag, they only can last for 2 to 3 days thus better you use them as soon as possible.
When you want to make a dish with strong spices or seasonings then it is better to not use back fin crab meat since the flavor will not going through. Back fin is good when used for simple dish or stuffing ingredients that appealing on plate. If you want to go with strong seasonings dish then go with claw crab meat that has stronger profile in terms of flavor.
Where to look for back fin crab meat supplier?
Are you looking for cheap back fin crab meat supplier domestically? Or maybe there is no good and dependable crab suppliers who can deliver premium and good quality of crab meat? Then you can do these simple guides:
1.      Go searching for online crab suppliers. Please take only supplier that has run in the business for quite a long time.
2.      Determine what crab species you want to buy since there are varieties of crab species available in the market including the red swimming crab, blue swimming crab, and mud crab. These species are very popular as back fin meat crab product.
3.      Join some forums on the internet and ask for recommended crab dealers. You can also try to search on some crab supplier index available in certain countries. It is okay to buy from exporters if you do not have access for trusted suppliers in your country.
4.      Look for cheap dealers by comparing each price of the back fin crab meat among suppliers. Ask for discounted price if you want to bulk order. You can find discount coupons as well.
5.      Ask whether the suppliers have product variant that you want by sending buyer’s quotes. Send this buyer’s quotes via e-mail and list what crab meat you want including the back fin one.
6.      You also need to ensure their sustainability when harvesting the crabs. Crabs can be sourced from wild caught or farmed one, ask about where they sourced the crab meat as well before place an order.
Those are some simple guides when you want to look for back fin crab meat. Please take a note that when you finally find some suppliers, find out about how they process and handle the back fin because it will also affect the quality of the crab meat.

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Thursday 22 March 2018

Pasteurized Crab Meats is Crab From Sea and has more Delicious Taste from Buy Mud Crab. Pasteurized Crab Meats can supply from Pasteurized Crab Meat Export Indonesia because Pasteurized Crab Meat Export Indonesia has high quantity and Great Quality. Pasteurized Crab Meat Export Indonesia has high Quantity because Indonesia is one big Maritime Country. It's make Pasteurized Crab Meat Export Indonesia more Cheapest.
Pasteurized Crab Meats can provide many product like Crab Legs for Sale and Lump Crab for Sale. Lump Crab Product more Expensive then Legs Crab because more delicious and big. Lump Crab Product has 2 type from Jumbo Lump Crab or Usually Lump Crab. Jumbo Lump Crab more expensive because just two pieces from one Pasteurized Crab Meat Export. To get more great price, we can choose Crab Legs for sale. Crab legs for Sale also delicious and has little meat then Jumbo Lump Crab.
We can buy Mud Crab to get more cheapest price. Buy Mud Crab is more cheap then Pasteurized Crab Meat Export Indonesia because it's can farming and not rare. We can Buy Mud Crab from Mud Crab Farming to get best price and Live Crab. but we need to choose right Supplier to Buy mud Crab. With Best Supplier, We can Buy Mud Crab without any custom and Shipping problem.
More Detail Information about Buy Mud Crab, Crab Legs for Sale, Lump Crab, Pasteurized Crab Meat Export, Pasteurized Crab Meats, Jumbo Lump Crab, Please check on Our Website Article. For more detail information and Order, Please contact us in Contact form. Our Proffesional Team will answer your Problem and question as soon as possible.

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Tuesday 20 March 2018

Regular lump crab meat for sale in the market consists of broken pieces of jumbo lump grades which are not included in the jumbo lump canned crab meat product as well as other flakes crab. That’s why the size of the regular lump crab meat is smaller than the jumbo lump. In conclusion, the regular lump crab meat taken from the body cavity of crab and thus it still have similar flavor and texture but with smaller pieces than the jumbo lump. This is great to be used to make crab cakes or other stuffed crab recipes.
The lump crab meat which picked from the body meat of the crab actually have varieties of product including extra large lump that comes from the main body of the crab as well as few other lump crabs taken from other areas of the crab body. It usually have mild sweet flavor with white texture color. They can be used not only for crab cakes but also for delicious cocktails.
Unpasteurized and pasteurized regular lump crab meat for sale
In the market they are unpasteurized and pasteurized crab regular lump crab meat for sale which you can buy. There are also the frozen and fresh lump crab meat that you can find when you want to look for regular lump crab. Unpasteurized and fresh crab meat has shorter shelf life than pasteurized and frozen lump crab meat.
The frozen lump crab meat if they are stored in proper way at some temperature setting then they can last for months. The frozen lump crab meat packed into plastic bag or wrap and then stored in the freezer unopened can last for 3 months more or less. Meanwhile, the pasteurized lump crab meat which consists of smaller sizes of jumbo lump is cooked in high temperature and after that packed into cans or glass jar as well as plastic bag. Pasteurized process makes the crab meat free from bacteria while makes the shelf life of the meat stay longer. After that the pasteurized crab meat is packed in cans/ jars/ plastic bags tightly and if stored inside refrigerator unopened, they can last for 12 months. But, once you opened the cans then they need to be used quickly within 2 to 3 days.
Frozen regular lump crab meat for sale is preferred by many people since it is easier to find frozen crab meat than the fresh one especially if you live far away from coastal area or fresh seafood market. It is true that you can find fresh lump crab meat in the supermarket but sometime they are not the freshest plus sometime the crab meat is already stink and thus it is better to just buy the frozen one. Frozen regular lump crab meat can be as good as fresh crab meat if you know how to handle and store them properly.
Some considerations when buying pasteurized regular lump crab meat
Okay, there is some considerations when you want to buy pasteurized regular lump crab meat for sale product in the market then you need to know that pasteurized lump crab is better to be used in recipes that does not add too much spices or seasonings because it will defeat the purpose of delicate tasting lump crab. If you want to use the crab in recipes with hard ingredients then use claw crab meat instead since it has stronger flavor profile that still going through even after you add other seasonings.
Since pasteurized regular lump crab meat sold in the market usually packed inside air tight packaging plastic bag/ can/ glass jar then you should make sure that the packages are not damaged when buying them. If you spot leaked pasteurized canned regular lump crab meat at supermarket then do not buy it. Once the pasteurized crab meat product is opened or leaked, they will quickly contaminated and rotten.
Is regular lump crab meat for sale ready to eat?
Not all regular lump crab in the market is ready to eat unless you buy pasteurized canned crab meat which likely ready to be consumed without further cooking. The regular crab meat can be sold as semi cooked or cooked product. If you buy fresh regular lump then of course you need to cook them before eat. However, at supermarkets or grocery stores, most of the regular lump crabs meat is often cooked thanks to the canning process. Pasteurized canned regular lump crab meat for sale is what you mostly found in the market across most of the country. There are also cheapest alternative for fresh lump crab meat.
More shell of the regular lump crab meat then the cheaper the crab meat will be. It is so much effort to remove the small pieces of shell on the crab meat and thus if you willing to do that much work at home, the crab meat will be less expensive. You need to make sure to remove all the left behind shell pieces before cook or eat them.
Understanding regular lump crab meat better
Lump crab meat is taken from a whole crab body meat and thus they also have similar healthy nutrition then yes, the regular crab meat is good for you. Moreover, the regular lump crab meat is different with the claw crab meat. If the claw crab meat is taken from the swimming fins of the crab then regular lump crab meat, just like we already mentioned before selected from the body meat of the crab, although it is picked out of smaller white meat.
If you try to look for high quality of regular lump crab meat for sale then you can contact trusted crab suppliers domestically. However, if you cannot find good dealers then you can try to contact regular lump crab meat exporters which willing to deliver crab meat across the countries. Since crab meat is popular and important seafood industry product in the world, then it is easier to find crab meat suppliers that can ship some of regular lump crab as well as other products of crab meat from Colossal lump to claw crab meat in the market.

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Vietnam crab export suppliers need to follow FDA rules and regulations before they can export their crab products globally particularly in United States. Vietnam is one of the largest crab producers globally with variety of crab seafood products sold in the market each year. Tons of alive and frozen crabs are sold by Vietnam dealers per year in domestic and international market. Their top importers are Europe countries and America as well as other Asian countries. To be able to export their crab commodity, the suppliers need to understand the regulations of export import trade in each country in order to ensure the safety and the quality of crab meat.
Vietnam crab export requirements
If you want to become Vietnam crab export suppliers then there are several things you need to understand before you really delivered the crab meat across the countries. First, you need to register first to become legal exporter with MPI as well as other regulations and requirements of your destination country. It is true that different country has different regulations about export import trade and transaction thus you should try to do some research about their requirements to be able to export some seafood products in there and that’s including relevant charges and fees you required to get the permission.
Moreover, you also need to comply with food legislations and food standards to get the crab products labeled as safe and healthy seafood products. As exporter, you need to be responsible with the seafood you want to sell outside of your countries. This is why inspection is required before the Vietnam crab export products can be sold in the market internationally. You need to get certification and labels to ensure that the crab meat you sell is safe and edible for the consumers, free from harmful bacteria, and free from toxins.
Varieties of Vietnam crab export product in the market
There are varieties of cheap Vietnam crab export products in the market that sold around the world including:
1.      Fresh crab product
The fresh crab seafood product is popular in the export import market since they offer greater flavor and texture qualities if compared with frozen or pasteurized crab meat products. The fresh crab meat is need to be consumed quickly and it also shipped to various countries via air cargo with overnight delivery to maintain the freshness when arrive at each destination.
2.      Frozen crab product
Frozen crab product is economical alternative for fresh crab which available in unpasteurized and pasteurized crab. Some of the frozen crab product is ready to be consumed since they are cooked or boiled. They are sold in different range of grades depending on the sizes and qualities such as small lump to the jumbo lump. Frozen crab meat unpasteurized has shorter shelf life than the pasteurized one and they are usually packed in plastic bag or wrap and thus when you buy from Vietnam suppliers, make sure that the frozen crab arrives still in good condition. The signs of great quality of frozen crab product are: no ice burn or ice crystal, no stink odor, no soft texture because the crab required to be frozen properly unless you buy soft shell crab.
3.      Pasteurized canned crab product
The pasteurized canned crab Vietnam export meat offer crab meat packed inside cans or glass jar with varieties of grades that we already mentioned above. The pasteurized canned crab meat cooked in high temperature until they are 100% free from bacteria. Canned crab product is ready to be eaten directly without further cooking since they are already cooked. Pasteurized crab meat is popular cheap crab meat Vietnam product sold in the market. They are sold in pounds of cans or glass jar. When stored in refrigerator still in closed lids, they have long shelf life about 6 to 12 months.
Besides those three different products offered by Vietnam dealers, you can also place whole crab, lump crab, alive and fresh crab, etc. Please take a note that when you want to buy certain crab products from Vietnam, you need to make sure that they are sustainable as well. Sustainable crab is meaning that the Vietnam fishermen manage to catch the crabs with sustainable fishing method to ensure the safety of the other ocean animals, the live stock of crabs, and the overall ocean environment.
In addition, when you place order via fresh or frozen Vietnam crab export, you need to make sure where the crab is sourced from. The aquaculture for live crabs has been popularly conducted in Asian countries including Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. This is why you should ask the suppliers about where the crab meat comes from. They could be taken from the ocean or they can be taken from the crab farming. This is important since wild caught crab and farmed crab has different qualities in term of nutritional benefits and mercury risk.
Why buy from Vietnam crab export dealers?
Why you should buy from Vietnam crab export dealers for your business? Here is some of the reason:
-          Vietnam crab dealers offer high quality of crab products with cheaper prices.
-          You can import them without visiting the country. You just need to sit down and contact them easily via e-mail or phone.
-          They offer varieties of crab seafood products: fresh, frozen, pasteurized, cooked, semi-cooked, uncooked, live crab, canned crab, and many more.
-          Vietnam is one of the largest crab producers in the world and thus you can trust their track record so far.
-          It is good alternative when you cannot get high quality crab meats domestically.
-          Many businesses such as hotels and restaurants are used to order from Asian crab suppliers including Vietnam.
You can contact and place your order now to get premium quality of Vietnam crab export. If you want to search for trusted suppliers then you can start to look for them on the internet or online forums. It is also better to get recommendation from some trusted and professional people to be able to find reliable crab dealers that can export some crab items for you.

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