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Back Fin Crab Meat

Sunday 25 March 2018

Back Fin Crab Meat

Back fin crab meat consists of loose and separated meat taken from combination of special crab meat grades and jumbo lump crab meat. It has broken pieces of the lump meat plus smaller pieces of white body meat which very ideal for any kinds of recipes just like any other crab meats. The flavor of back fin is mildly sweet with fine texture. It is very recommended that you use back fin meat for recipes such as soups, dips, and crab cakes. Moreover, you can also use back fin meat as stuffing crabs in seafood or vegetables.
Reasons to choose Back fin crab meat
Back fin is crab meat that consists of smaller pieces of jumbo lump crab meat mixed with special grades crab meat taken from the white body meat. Back fin crab meat preferred by many people because of these several reasons:
-          Back fin is cheaper than a whole crab meat as well as other crab meat grades like colossal and jumbo lump crab meat. It is recommended alternative for cheap crab meat seafood.
-          Back fin crab is great to make crab cakes, soup recipes, and dips. You can also use the back fin meat to stuff vegetables or seafood.
-          There is back fin crab ready to be eaten for simple and quick dish when you do not have time to prepare a whole or fresh crab meat at the kitchen.
-          Back fin is good crab meat when you want to make a dish that focusing on the appealing appearance because this dish have nice texture with white color that will look good on many recipes.
-          Back crab fin is easy to be found unlike whole fresh and alive crabs. You can likely found it at most of supermarkets in whole world.
If you want to buy cheap back fin crab meat which ready to be used or cooked, then you can find it from some at the crab meat dealers.
Back fin crab meat varieties of product
There are 3 varieties of back fin meat crab products sold in the market such as:
1.      Fresh back fin crab meats: This kind of crab meat packed in air vacuum plastic bag and unlike pasteurized crab meat, they are not ready to be consumed. After that fresh and alive crabs caught and delivered to the facilities, they are selected based on grades. After that the staff will take the back fin meat and boil or steam them. Fresh back fin is not ready to be consumed directly meaning that you still need to cook them. Fresh back fin is way more expensive in price when compared with frozen and canned back fin meat crab.
2.      Frozen back fin crab meats: Another variety of product is the frozen back fin crab meat which sold in air vacuum plastic bag or cans. They are stored in freezer and ready to be used anytime since they have longer shelf life than the fresh one. The crab meat after being cleaned and cuts are speed frozen in the freezer. The frozen crab meat is unpasteurized but it has longer shelf life than fresh back fin. Unopened frozen back fin can stay for more than 3 months when stored inside freezer or refrigerator.
3.      Pasteurized back fin crab meat: Pasteurized crab meat product packed inside cans, plastic wrap/ bag, and glass jar. Thanks to the pasteurization process, the crab meat is 100 percent free from harmful bacteria and toxins which can make the crab meat spoil or rotten quickly. In unopened condition, the pasteurized crab meat back fin has longer shelf life than fresh and frozen unpasteurized back fin crab meat. It can last for 6 to 12 months unopened. But, once you open the cans or plastic bag, they only can last for 2 to 3 days thus better you use them as soon as possible.
When you want to make a dish with strong spices or seasonings then it is better to not use back fin crab meat since the flavor will not going through. Back fin is good when used for simple dish or stuffing ingredients that appealing on plate. If you want to go with strong seasonings dish then go with claw crab meat that has stronger profile in terms of flavor.
Where to look for back fin crab meat supplier?
Are you looking for cheap back fin crab meat supplier domestically? Or maybe there is no good and dependable crab suppliers who can deliver premium and good quality of crab meat? Then you can do these simple guides:
1.      Go searching for online crab suppliers. Please take only supplier that has run in the business for quite a long time.
2.      Determine what crab species you want to buy since there are varieties of crab species available in the market including the red swimming crab, blue swimming crab, and mud crab. These species are very popular as back fin meat crab product.
3.      Join some forums on the internet and ask for recommended crab dealers. You can also try to search on some crab supplier index available in certain countries. It is okay to buy from exporters if you do not have access for trusted suppliers in your country.
4.      Look for cheap dealers by comparing each price of the back fin crab meat among suppliers. Ask for discounted price if you want to bulk order. You can find discount coupons as well.
5.      Ask whether the suppliers have product variant that you want by sending buyer’s quotes. Send this buyer’s quotes via e-mail and list what crab meat you want including the back fin one.
6.      You also need to ensure their sustainability when harvesting the crabs. Crabs can be sourced from wild caught or farmed one, ask about where they sourced the crab meat as well before place an order.
Those are some simple guides when you want to look for back fin crab meat. Please take a note that when you finally find some suppliers, find out about how they process and handle the back fin because it will also affect the quality of the crab meat.


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