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Regular Lump Crab Meat

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Regular Lump Crab Meat

Regular lump crab meat has been widely available in the world as one of the most popular economical crab meat products. When people do not have access to get their hands on the fresh and alive whole crab, they often go with lump crab meat, packed inside cans and pasteurized plus frozen. The regular lump is one of the crab meat grades that you likely found in the market. They are selected from the body meat of the crab and sold as smaller size of jumbo lump crab meat. Here is some little information regarding lump crab meat which you need to know.
Understanding regular lump crab meat product in the market
The canned regular lump crab meat consists of broken pieces of jumbo lump grades which are not included in the jumbo lump canned crab meat product or other flakes crab. Just like we already mentioned before, usually the size of the regular lump crab meat is smaller than the jumbo lump grade. It is because the regular lump crab meat selected from the body cavity of crab and it still have similar flavor and texture but with smaller pieces than the jumbo lump. This crab meat is recommended to be used for crab cakes recipe or stuffed crabs.
There is variety of products of the lump crab meat that sourced from the body meat including extra large lump that comes from the main body of the crab. Meanwhile, there are also some other regular lump crabs taken from other areas of the crab body. It usually have mild sweet flavor with white texture body color. Besides being used for crab cakes recipe, this crab meat is also good to make delicious cocktails recipe.
How to buy regular lump crab meat in the market?
Regular lump crab meat often sold in pouches, cans, plastic bags/ wraps, and glass jar. Many brands offer different qualities and so you need to be able to tell which of the brands offer the highest premium qualities. Here are several guides to buy regular lump crab meat in the market:
1.      Know what you get when pay for lump crab meat
You should know what you get when you want to pay for some regular lump crab meat. Regular lump crab meat sold in the market with few simple packaging and processing methods such as:
·         Fresh or frozen regular lump of crab meat
Fresh lump crab available in the fresh seafood market and they are the highest crab meat qualities. However, if you cannot find good quality of fresh lump crab in their freshest condition then try to buy frozen one instead. Frozen regular lump crab meat is available year round and can be purchased easily in the supermarkets. Frozen lump crab meat also has longer shelf life when stored in the coldest part of the freezer.
·         Unpasteurized and pasteurized regular lump of crab meat
Try to look on the crab meat label whether the regular lump labeled as pasteurized product or not. The pasteurized regular lump crab meat meaning that the meat is cooked in high temperature and after that packed into cans, glass jar, and plastic bag. Pasteurized process makes the crab meat 100 percent free from bacteria while makes the shelf life of the meat stay longer than both fresh and unpasteurized crab meat. The pasteurized lump crab meat packed inside air vacuumed packaging and stored inside refrigerator unopened so they can last for 6 to 12 months. However, once you opened the cans then they need to be used quickly within 2 to 3 days.
No flakes or shredded regular lump meat of crab worth your extra pay, you should find a regular lump meat that consist of large lump crab meat although they are smaller than the usual jumbo lump crab meat. Some of the fresh crab meat is boiled or steamed and after that packed inside air vacuum plastic bag and sold as regular crab meat in the markets. In conclusion, you need to know what will you are going to get by paying money for the crab meat. Read the labels to find more information.
2.      Check the appearance and condition of the regular crab meat in lump
When buying either fresh or frozen regular lump crab meat product in the market as well as the pasteurized one, you should consider several things such as:
·         Fresh crab meat should not have any discoloration and if you buy freshest lump crab meat then you need to make sure there are no spoilage signs.
·         The packages of regular crab meat in lump should not tear, crushed, or damaged in any way. That’s why, when you buy regular lump crab meat online, make sure the meat arrive safely in front of your door with no damages.
·         Smell the crab meat, if there is off putting or stink odor then it is mean they are already out of the expiratory dates. Try to buy others.
·         If you buy frozen lump crab meat, make sure there is no ice burn or ice crystal on top of the crab meat. Moreover, the meat should be frozen perfectly and thus the meat will have hard texture before thawed.
·         Never get a mistake of regular lump crab meats from other grades of crab meats in the market. Just like we already mentioned above, regular lump consist of smaller size of jumbo lump crab meat. In fact, the crab meat sold in the market has different grades such as: colossal and jumbo lump, the regular lump, backfin lump, special lump, and claw crab meat. You should read the labels before buy the crab meat to make sure that you pick the right product.
Regular lump crab meat supplier is available globally and you can try to look for trusted dealers or brands in the market to place an order for crab meat. Lump crab meat is selected from alive crab meat and thus they can offer great taste with healthy nutrition contents as well just like the regular whole crab meat in the market. If you want to taste crab meat but you have small budget to buy it then pick regular crab meat in lump instead.


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