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Vietnam Crab Export

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Vietnam Crab Export

Vietnam crab export suppliers need to follow FDA rules and regulations before they can export their crab products globally particularly in United States. Vietnam is one of the largest crab producers globally with variety of crab seafood products sold in the market each year. Tons of alive and frozen crabs are sold by Vietnam dealers per year in domestic and international market. Their top importers are Europe countries and America as well as other Asian countries. To be able to export their crab commodity, the suppliers need to understand the regulations of export import trade in each country in order to ensure the safety and the quality of crab meat.
Vietnam crab export requirements
If you want to become Vietnam crab export suppliers then there are several things you need to understand before you really delivered the crab meat across the countries. First, you need to register first to become legal exporter with MPI as well as other regulations and requirements of your destination country. It is true that different country has different regulations about export import trade and transaction thus you should try to do some research about their requirements to be able to export some seafood products in there and that’s including relevant charges and fees you required to get the permission.
Moreover, you also need to comply with food legislations and food standards to get the crab products labeled as safe and healthy seafood products. As exporter, you need to be responsible with the seafood you want to sell outside of your countries. This is why inspection is required before the Vietnam crab export products can be sold in the market internationally. You need to get certification and labels to ensure that the crab meat you sell is safe and edible for the consumers, free from harmful bacteria, and free from toxins.
Varieties of Vietnam crab export product in the market
There are varieties of cheap Vietnam crab export products in the market that sold around the world including:
1.      Fresh crab product
The fresh crab seafood product is popular in the export import market since they offer greater flavor and texture qualities if compared with frozen or pasteurized crab meat products. The fresh crab meat is need to be consumed quickly and it also shipped to various countries via air cargo with overnight delivery to maintain the freshness when arrive at each destination.
2.      Frozen crab product
Frozen crab product is economical alternative for fresh crab which available in unpasteurized and pasteurized crab. Some of the frozen crab product is ready to be consumed since they are cooked or boiled. They are sold in different range of grades depending on the sizes and qualities such as small lump to the jumbo lump. Frozen crab meat unpasteurized has shorter shelf life than the pasteurized one and they are usually packed in plastic bag or wrap and thus when you buy from Vietnam suppliers, make sure that the frozen crab arrives still in good condition. The signs of great quality of frozen crab product are: no ice burn or ice crystal, no stink odor, no soft texture because the crab required to be frozen properly unless you buy soft shell crab.
3.      Pasteurized canned crab product
The pasteurized canned crab Vietnam export meat offer crab meat packed inside cans or glass jar with varieties of grades that we already mentioned above. The pasteurized canned crab meat cooked in high temperature until they are 100% free from bacteria. Canned crab product is ready to be eaten directly without further cooking since they are already cooked. Pasteurized crab meat is popular cheap crab meat Vietnam product sold in the market. They are sold in pounds of cans or glass jar. When stored in refrigerator still in closed lids, they have long shelf life about 6 to 12 months.
Besides those three different products offered by Vietnam dealers, you can also place whole crab, lump crab, alive and fresh crab, etc. Please take a note that when you want to buy certain crab products from Vietnam, you need to make sure that they are sustainable as well. Sustainable crab is meaning that the Vietnam fishermen manage to catch the crabs with sustainable fishing method to ensure the safety of the other ocean animals, the live stock of crabs, and the overall ocean environment.
In addition, when you place order via fresh or frozen Vietnam crab export, you need to make sure where the crab is sourced from. The aquaculture for live crabs has been popularly conducted in Asian countries including Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. This is why you should ask the suppliers about where the crab meat comes from. They could be taken from the ocean or they can be taken from the crab farming. This is important since wild caught crab and farmed crab has different qualities in term of nutritional benefits and mercury risk.
Why buy from Vietnam crab export dealers?
Why you should buy from Vietnam crab export dealers for your business? Here is some of the reason:
-          Vietnam crab dealers offer high quality of crab products with cheaper prices.
-          You can import them without visiting the country. You just need to sit down and contact them easily via e-mail or phone.
-          They offer varieties of crab seafood products: fresh, frozen, pasteurized, cooked, semi-cooked, uncooked, live crab, canned crab, and many more.
-          Vietnam is one of the largest crab producers in the world and thus you can trust their track record so far.
-          It is good alternative when you cannot get high quality crab meats domestically.
-          Many businesses such as hotels and restaurants are used to order from Asian crab suppliers including Vietnam.
You can contact and place your order now to get premium quality of Vietnam crab export. If you want to search for trusted suppliers then you can start to look for them on the internet or online forums. It is also better to get recommendation from some trusted and professional people to be able to find reliable crab dealers that can export some crab items for you.


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