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Crab Meat Sushi

Sunday 25 March 2018

Crab Meat Sushi

Making sushi can use real and true crab meat but there is also imitation crab meat that more popular being used to make sushi roll. This crab meat sushi is apparently more economical than real crab meat. Crab meat can be used in many types of sushi recipe with the simplest one is sushi roll. You can even try to make sushi roll stuffed with crab meat at home. The taste of the crab meat and the delicate texture makes the sushi more appealing. You can even mix the crab meat with other ingredients to make certain unique sushi roll such as with mayonnaise or mascarpone.
Crab meat sushi with imitation crab meat
Yes, it is true that we can always have an option to use real crab meat to make crab meat sushi instead of the imitation one. However, imitation crab meat is cheaper alternative to the real crab meat when making sushi. This is why many people often choose imitation crab meat to make sushi roll instead of the real meat of crab.
What is imitation crab meat sushi actually? Just like the name implies, this is not the real crab meat and just ‘imitation’ or you can also calling it as fake crab meat. The red and white crab stick in appearance often known as imitation crab meat made from different kinds of fish with the meat almost looked like real crab meat. They are crushed and grounded/ blended together into paste and then made into crab meat stick. After that the manufacturers add some additional seasonings, artificial flavor, or MSG to add crab flavor in the said meat.
In Japan, the crab stick is called ‘surimi’ which means ground meat and just like we already explained before, surimi is made from grounded fish meat with artificial crab flavor. The manufacturers are also like to add starch and since it is often made from the wheat then you can definitely say they are not free from gluten. Please pay attention for such note when you cannot tolerate gluten but you want to eat cheap crab meat sushi with crab stick. The real crab meat on the other hand is gluten free and thus you may want to eat that instead. Moreover, the nutrition of the real crab meat cannot be compared with the imitation one.
Real crab meat sushi vs imitation crab meat sushi nutrition facts
Let’s find out how much the crab meat sushi nutrition values between the read and imitation/ fake crab meat below:
1.      Imitation crab meat
-          715 mg of sodium
-          81 calories
-          6 g of protein
-          5 g of sugar
-          13 g of carbohydrates
-          0.4 g of fats
-          77 mg of potassium
2.      Real crab meat
-          911 mg of sodium
-          82 calories
-          16 g of protein
-          0 g of sugar
-          0 g of carbohydrates
-          1.3 g of fats
-          223 mg of potassium
As you can see on the comparison above, the protein and potassium of the real crab meat sushi is more than double of the imitation crab. So, why there are so many manufacturers still making imitation crab and many people use this to make certain sushi dish? It is because they are cheaper in terms of price and not to mention they are also can be shaped into anything to make the dish appear more appealing.
Okay actually there is nothing wrong by eating sushi crab with imitation meat since it less costly than the real crab meat. However, if you really care about the nutritional benefits of the crab meat then you may still want to pick true crab meat instead of the fake one. With said information, so which one is good to be used to make sushi, the real or imitation meat?
Well, it is depend on your preference and just like we already mentioned before, if you want to taste for some good and healthy nutrition crab meat with more delicious and incredible taste then always go with the real crab meat. However, if you just want to create simple cheaper sushi dish that looks appealing without too much cost then you can select imitation crab meat.
Crab meat sushi roll recipe
If you want to make easy and simple crab meat sushi recipe then you can try to cook them based on this recipe below:
1.      Prepare the ingredients:
·         1 tsp of mayonnaise
·         1 tsp of mascarpone
·         3 imitation crab sticks
·         Seasoning ingredient
2.      Prepare the utensils needed:
·         Mixing bowl
·         Teaspoon
·         Cutting board
·         Fork
·         Knife
3.      Instructions:
-          First you need to cut and chopping out the imitation crab sticks so they are enough to make two to three crab sushi roll.
-          After you are done chopping the imitation crab sticks into pieces and then mix them with a teaspoon of mascarpone, mayonnaise, and season them all. You can use Knorr Aromat seasoning mix. Use the fork to mix all the ingredients until they are blended perfectly, however you do not need to mash them just mix them gently.
-          Start to make your own sushi roll by use the mixed ingredients in the sushi roll. You need to use bamboo rolling mat to make sushi roll and cooked rice.
-          Just place the mixed ingredients on top of the cooked rice, do not forget on the bottom of the rice, place nori sheet. After you spread the crab ingredient on the rice you can start to roll them carefully.
-          Cut the sushi into several roll and they are ready to be served.
When you want to make sushi roll, do not forget to slightly wet your hand so the rice does not sticking on your hands. You can mix the crab meat sushi with other delicious ingredients such as avocado slices as well as other tasty vegetables according to your taste. Lastly, you can serve the sushi roll with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger to add more delicious flavor and eat the crab meat sushi.


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