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Crab Legs for Sale

Thursday 15 March 2018

Crab Legs for Sale

Crab legs for sale such as the King Crab species is one of the most popular seafood products. Crab itself is essential commodity in fishing industry because they are valued by many people as luxury dish and thus they are also sold with quite expensive price. Legs of the crab for particular is another crab product that preferred by many people when they want to have appealing crab legs dishes.
King crab legs for sale in the market
There are many things you need to consider when you want to buy King crab legs in the market. First is what kind of species you want to buy because they are variety of species sold offered by crab legs suppliers such as: Golden, Red, and Blue king crabs. The red king crab legs for sale is the most sought out since they have sweeter flavor than the rest while golden crab legs, even though they are smaller but they are abundant in meat. As for the blue king crab, they usually have very large right claws which really appealing. Below is some information about King crab legs for sale in the market.
·         The size and counts of the King crab legs
The King crab leg is measured by how many their legs can make to 10 pounds, but usually about 12 to 14 sizes meaning that there is on an average 12 to 14 legs per 10 pounds. However the claws are not included when counted their weight based in this measurement method. They can range from 6 to 9 which are quite big to 21-24 more or less.
·         The color and shape of the King crab legs
To tell what kind of species the King crab legs for sale in the market, you can look based on their color and shape. Just like we already mentioned before, there are three species of King crabs which likely you will encounter with the characteristics:
1.      Red King crab: Just like the name applies, the red King crab has solid red color with slender legs.
2.      Blue King crab: The blue King crab has dominant red color as well, but with a slight hint of orange shades. They also have slender and long legs, however with more oval shape than the red King crab. Blue King crab has quite large of claws too.
3.      Golden King crab: The Golden King crab is the smallest among the three species with more orange color and they have more spines as well.
The characteristics of the crab legs for sale above is when they are cooked since live crabs have different shades of color which is very fascinating.
·         Taste
Now, let’s move to the King crab taste which obviously very delicious. First thing first you need to understand that different species of King crab legs will have different flavor. However averagely, they have mild taste with sweet and succulent flavor. The red King crab is known to be the best crab legs in terms of flavor out of the three species. The blue King crab is not as quite as sweet as the red one. However, there are also people who said they are just the same. As for the golden King crab, they can be enjoyed as close as the two crabs especially for fresh golden King crab. In conclusion, they all have the best flavor you should experience.
Crab legs for sale price is varied based on their qualities and sizes. For lower quality of crab legs, their taste can carry a bit briny sea flavor and thus you need to rinse the crab legs slightly before cooking or eating them to rinse the brine. You can also boiling the crab legs to get rid the salty taste a bit. Easier solution is to deal with reputable and trusted crag legs suppliers because their products mostly do not have such problem.
How to cook crab legs with proper method?
Most of the crab legs available in the market are cooked by processor and so you do not even need to further cooking them. Frozen crab legs for sale are usually blast frozen and they are cooked to lock its taste and to prevent them getting spoilage quickly. Preparing the crab legs are usually just a matter of reheating method preference.
When you buy frozen crab legs, do not need to forget to thaw them first. You can put them in the refrigerator for overnight so they can thaw slowly. However, if you do not have too much time or you are in a hurry then you can simply soak the crab legs with its plastic packaging in a bowl full of cold water for few hours. Alternatively, you can run them under cold running water to speed the thawing process. And to make sure that they are already thawed perfectly, you can bend their legs right at their joints or you can simply squeeze the middle of the merus section a bit.
After you thawed the crab legs, you can start to boil them with several reheating methods. You have some options like baking, steaming, or boiling the legs. The crab legs can be reheated with these methods and you only need about 4 to 8 minutes to totally reheat them all. Since the crab legs are mostly already cooked unless you buy fresh crabs and cut them, you must not overcook the crab legs. Overcook the crab legs will reduce the quality of their texture as well as their taste.
Last but not least, you also need to know how to serve the crab legs. Basically, they can be served with many ways. The most common way to serve the crab legs with additional sauces to dip the legs. This kind of serving method will impress anyone you are serving the crab legs to and you can also add other ingredients such as melted butter or a pinch of garlic. King crab is also usually served with its natural shell to make them more appealing when served on the plate. Hope this information help you to find good crab legs for sale and how to prepare them properly.


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