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Pasteurized Crab Meat Export India

Saturday 17 March 2018

Pasteurized Crab Meat Export India

Pasteurized crab meat export India is shipped globally to various countries. India is also one of the top producers of crab products along with other Asian countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. To be able to import crab meat from India, you can find India’s crab suppliers directly. They have certain products of crab meat which you can buy for your business.
From year to year, there is high demand for variety of crab product in India including crab meat that has been pasteurized. Besides that, there is also fresh whole crab, frozen crab, crab claw, mud crab, frozen soft shell crab, frozen cut crab, frozen stuff crab, frozen cut swimming crab, frozen cut crab with claws, and many more.
What is pasteurized crab meat from India?
The process of pasteurize the crab meat helps to make the shelf life of the meat longer than the fresh and frozen crab meat. This is means that the crab has been cooked in high temperature so they can be safely eaten and ready to be cooked even without further cooking. Pasteurized process has been used in various countries not only India. With this process, the seafood has been cooked in heat pressured or high temperature to kill all the bacteria inside the meat thus they can be safe and edible to be consumed. This is why most of the pasteurized crab meat export India products that you buy from India suppliers or exporters is ready to be consumed even without further process. They are semi cooked or cooked thus you do not even need to clean and prepare them anymore in the kitchen.
The pasteurized crab meat has longer shelf life for months about 3 to 12 months or more compared with unpasteurized crab meat like fresh and frozen crab meats. In addition, with today’s technology, pasteurize the crab meat is quite easy and can be done in facilities just like many India’s factories have done. They usually packed the crab meat inside air tight cans or plastic wrap. They can last for months in unopened condition but when then the pasteurized crab meat can only last for at least 2 to 3 days which mean they need to be used quickly just like fresh crab meat.
Buying pasteurized crab meat export India
Pasteurized crab meat export India is one of the most sold out crab product in the seafood industry. There are sold in wide of variety crab species packed inside cans or plastic wrap. You can contact trusted India crab suppliers to export crab meat from there any time since pasteurized crab meat available year round.
Since local crab product sometime cannot meet the large amount of high demand of crab in the market, many customers like to buy crab meats from outside their countries so they play as importers. It is important for business players to find reliable crab suppliers that can deliver premium quality of crab meat especially when they cannot find high quality crab meat domestically or they want to buy cheaper crab meats.
If you also want to buy from India exporters rather than find crab meat locally then there are several considerations which you need to note when looking for trusted pasteurized crab meat export India suppliers, such as:
1.      What is the species of the crab meat?
You should ask your India crab meat suppliers what species they have before place an order. There are many crab meat species sold in the market including mud crab which very popular as India crab products.
2.      Where the crab meats come from?
There are two sources of crab meat in India which is wild caught crab meats taken from the ocean waters and second is the farmed crab meat. You need to make sure you know what you buy by ask the crab suppliers where they sourced the pasteurized crab meat exporter India products. Mud crab farming is particularly very popular in India.
3.      Are the crab meats sustainability caught?
Sustainability is not only means that the crabs are caught with sustainable methods, but this is also means that they have been processed in the safe way. The crab should also healthy and edible to be processed as crab mean which in the end consumed by the end users. You need to ask them how the crab is harvested and processed into pasteurized crab meat products.
4.      How the exporters will deliver the crab meat?
This is important to ask how the India exporters will deliver the crab meat and when the customers will receive them in time. Since pasteurized crab meat has longer shelf life than fresh live crabs, there is no need for overnight shipping trip meaning that they have less cost than when you export fresh crab meats. Usually the crab meat is shipped via air cargo and it can take 2 to 3 days more or less to the products received by the customers. The India exporters should make sure that the pasteurized crab meat export India received by their customers still in good condition and not damaged in any way. Although there is risk the crab meat damaged during the long trip, this is proper storage method is required.
Why buy pasteurized crab meat from India?
There are some benefits for buying pasteurized crab meat export India online especially if it is done for restaurant and hotel business. Some of the advantages such as:
1.      You can get cheaper price by buying pasteurized crab meat online
2.      Pasteurized crab meat can be as good as frozen crab meat when handled in the right way
3.      You can get discounted price if buy in a bulk order
4.      They have been certified by regulators to ensure the safety and the quality of the crab meat
5.      Pasteurized crab meat available year round even outside crab abundant seasons.
Those are some benefits of buying pasteurized crab meat export India. Just start to look for trusted crab suppliers or wholesalers that can export crab meat now. Contact them directly via e-mail or phone.


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