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Is Pasteurized Crab Meat Ready to Eat?

Thursday 15 March 2018

Is Pasteurized Crab Meat Ready to Eat?

Is pasteurized crab meat ready to eat? If you want to eat crab meat but you live far away from ocean or coastal area then you can buy ready to cook pasteurized crab meat. This pasteurized crab meat can be found easily at supermarket or grocery store in refrigerated seafood section. Pasteurized crab meat is heated pressured to kill the bacteria and all pathogens so they are edible and ready to be consumed even without further cooking. It is also a process to make the shelf life longer and prevent the crab meat being spoilage. And since the pasteurized meat has been kept in the refrigerator very well then it is safely eaten.
Is pasteurized crab meat ready to eat without further cooking?
Yes, it is. The high pressured stage on the facilities makes the pasteurized crab meat edible and safe to be consumed even without further cooking. Although, you can also cook them again according to any recipes that you want to add while adding additional seasonings.
There are two types of crab meat available in the market which is the pasteurized crab meat that we already mentioned above and fresh crab meat. What is the different between these two types of products? The difference can be seen on their shelf life and the freshness.
1.      Fresh crab meat
The fresh crab meat just like the name implied is the freshest product out of the two types of crab meats and also the most expensive. Fresh crab meat has shorter shelf life than the pasteurized crab meat and thus they need to be eaten quickly in the same day you purchased it. If not, they will start to spoilage. You can store the crab meat in refrigerator, but they are still need to be eaten within two days.
2.      Pasteurized crab meat
Since you already know that is pasteurized crab meat ready to eat then you may already guessed that they are also have longer shelf life than fresh crab meat. Pasteurized crab meats packaged in cans are even can stay edible for years if they are unopened. However, opened pasteurized canned crab meat need to be consumed within two days since they will start to spoil when the lid is open. Refrigerated canned crab meat can last longer than fresh crab meat though.
Pasteurized crab meat grades
In the market particularly in the United States, the pasteurized crab meat is usually categorized into different grades based on their size and quality. The grades are:
1.      Colossal or jumbo lump
2.      Lump or back fin
3.      Special or white crab meat
4.      Claw
The colossal or jumbo lump is the most expensive one and they are consist of large crab meat while claw is the cheapest which is consist of smaller flakes from the crab body meat. There are also imitation of crab meat which is made not from the ‘true’ crab meat and instead they are made from fish meat that appear just like crab meat. The meat is cooked and processed then minced or mashed into thick paste. After that the crab meat is added with seasonings to add crab flavor.
Please take a note that pasteurized crab meat cannot be stored in room temperature especially when they are opened because it will spoil. You should keep the cans inside the coldest part of the refrigerator and use them before the due date.
How to eat pasteurized crab meat?
Is pasteurized crab meat ready to eat without further cooking? Yes, it is and we already explain that you can even consume them even without added some seasonings. However, you can also make nice dish from pasteurized crab meat such as stuff them into sandwich/ toast/ crackers or make some delicious crab cakes.
To eat pasteurized crab meat you need to open the lid first with can opener and soak them into a bowl. Do not forget to remove all the water/ drain the water inside the cans before you eat or use the crab meat. After that, check the crab meat and look for some shell fragments. You can remove them if you find any and the meat is ready to eat/ cook. Since pasteurized crab meat is ready to eat, you can use them with crackers or toast and just add simple seasonings like sprinkle of salt or squeeze of lime.
How long does unopened and opened crab meat is edible to eat?
·         Unopened pasteurized crab meat
Unopened package of pasteurized crab meat when they are stored inside refrigerator can last for 1 month after sell by date, although it also depends on the storage condition. If the crab meat is kept in the freezer then they can last longer up to 3 months. To maximize the shelf life of crab meat, do not open them before until you ready to use the meat. Once again, never leave the crab meat inside room temperature because within hours they will start to spoil. Just use the pasteurized crab meat before the expired date.
·         Opened pasteurized crab meat
After you buy pasteurized crab meat suppliers product, you may or may not use them immediately. If the crab meat is in opened condition then they can last about 2 to 3 days before going spoilage even if you store them inside refrigerator. If you store the meat into coldest part of the freezer inside airtight container or plastic wrap then they can last around 3 months.
How to tell if pasteurized crab meat is already bad and not good to be consumed? You can tell if pasteurized crab meat is already bad when they are smell stink. You can also check on their appearance and you do not need to try the meat just to make sure whether they are still edible or not.
Crab meat is packed with rich healthy nutrients and they are good for your body since it contains omega-3, vitamins, and minerals. Buying pasteurized crab meat when you cannot find freshest and live crab meat is nice alternative especially when you finally know the answer of is pasteurized crab meat ready to eat.


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