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Live Lobster Supplier

Thursday 15 March 2018

Live Lobster Supplier

Live lobster supplier has the best quality product you can order for personal use and business. Lobster is favored by many people and this is considered to be one of the most luxurious seafood sold in high star hotels and restaurants. Indeed that lobster is set in high price due to the high market demand and since lobsters offer delicate flavor with delicious meat texture. In fact, there are many factors that makes the lobster price is going so high, especially the live one. Here is some information regarding some factors that can lead to the high price of the lobster sold with many suppliers.
Live lobster supplier price
Although the lobsters are sold in high price, but they are still reasonable meaning that you can still afford them. Not to mention, there are cheaper optional such as lobster in cans and frozen lobster meats. One whole lobster weight around 1 to 1 1/2 pounds can be sold ranging from $30 to $45. And this price can go higher when they are cooked and served in some star hotels and restaurants meaning that the price is also depend on where you eat them. Furthermore, live lobster supplier price products is depend on several factors.
Most of the lobsters sold in the market are wildly caught. Let’s be real, wild caught lobsters harvested directly from the ocean has higher price than the farmed one. However there is not so much cheap lobster farms marketed in the market. The reason is simple, unlike other fish, lobster farming is quite difficult. There are few factors why:
-          The lobsters grow slowly
-          They are eat a lot
-          Very easy to contaminated by diseases
-          Lobster eggs are very difficult to raise
From these reasons alone we can say that the market need to rely wild caught and live lobster that much. And if you do not live near coastal area then they are need to be shipped to you which going to add more cost. In addition, keeping the lobsters still in live condition is quite a lot of job to do by fresh live lobster supplier. The dealers need to make sure that the lobsters stay alive during the shipping trip by ensures they get enough oxygen, moist, and stay cool.
If some restaurant wants to order live Maine lobsters then the shipping itself can be more than $40 per lobster. But, the lobsters being delivered have risk to arrive dead and thus the suppliers need very specific storage to keep the lobster alive.
However, that does not mean there is no aquaculture for the lobsters at all. Lobsters indeed are difficult to rise but there still farmed lobsters able to sold farmed lobsters with cheaper price in the market. Farmed live lobster supplier also available for export import commodities.
Why you should select fresh and live lobster?
There is reason of why it is better to buy live lobster instead of the dead frozen one. First, the lobster is the best when they are cooked alive. It will be hard to cook the lobster when they are already frozen and dead, they are more rubbery and tough. Which is mean, most of the lobsters you find in high quality is cooked from live lobster supplier market.
Another reason of why it is better to cook the lobster alive is because due to the bacteria that loves to live inside the seafood. When the lobster is not cooked right away then it can affect the people who consume it and they can get sick. Moreover, if the lobster is dead a long time ago then the bacteria inside them will have time to grow and spoil the meat inside.
Trusted live lobster supplier likes to sell top quality of lobsters to restaurants and hotels or they store them in place where people can buy them fresh and alive. As for less vibrant lobsters, they are delivered to the facilities for further processing. But, process the lobsters are not that easy and it is very difficult to take out the meat from the hard shell when they are uncooked.
Anyway, either it is alive or dead, the lobsters changing so many hands from the first hand suppliers or fishermen to your plate. Usually they are caught by the fishermen and then delivered to the dealer, before they go to live seafood market or processing facilities. After that the lobsters are bring to the restaurants, hotels, supermarket, and grocery stores which is mean the prices will increase each time the lobster is passed from one hand to another.
This is why the lobsters that you eat in the restaurants can price a lot. The fresh and alive lobster caught by the fishermen on boat can price for about $17, however each live lobster supplier from wholesalers to retailers need to gain profits as well as calculate their losses. And when finally the lobsters are arrives in your restaurant table; add for the cost of preparation from the chefs, it can cost $60 in the big city.
There is another reason of why the lobster priced so high, it is because many people love to enjoy expensive food. And high price is become such an essential image for the lobster in this day in the whole world. So, if the lobsters are priced just like the chicken meat then there is possibility that many people will enjoy it less. In conclusion, lobsters are already perceived to be expensive seafood from long ago and it does not change even until now.
Where you can look for cheap live lobster supplier?
You can make some trip to the coastal area to get cheap lobsters. But, it needs a lot of effort to do so. Alternatively, you can export them via online shop or internet and try to look for Indonesia live lobster supplier. Most of the lobsters sold by these suppliers are cheap and very affordable. The lobsters will be shipped via air cargo for overnight and thus you can get them in live condition.


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